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Knights of the Holy Couch
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Thursday, January 6th, 2011
5:33 pm
Portal MMORPG Games
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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
1:33 pm
Surviving 'nam
I've been in Kazham for the last few days, trying desperately to reach level 30 for the extra jobs quests. It's not working.

Levelling in FFXI is like our political system: we only have two working parties because we've convinced ourselves that there are only two real parties, thereby it becomes true. So, while other places are better (read: Battilia Downs, Altepa) everyone goes to Kazham to level. It's hellish there, gob trains literally every five minutes, gob spawns inbetween those, and the area right outside town (which everyone convinces themselves is a good camp, but isn't because of gob spawns) is overcamped, thus, you can't chain anything.

The players? Idiots, real idiots. I've died more in my few days of levelling there than I ever have in the previous 26 levels. One party yesterday had a WHM that kept trying to nuke the mobs, thereby gaining more hate than the melee and dying constantly. Personally, I had two deaths in less than half an hour with that party. So, I leave, have some dinner, calm down and come back. I find a better party, consisting of rank 3s or higher. This was short lived, because it seems that everyone in the f'ing area only has thirty minutes to play and we kept losing members left and right. I can't count the number of parties that have disbanded on me within thirty minutes of joining. Add that to the thirty minutes or so that I spent waiting for an invite, and you have a very, very grumpy WAR/MNK on your hands.

It's getting harder and harder for me to find any worthwhile parties and it's really getting to me. I waited for nearly three-quarters of an hour in Jeuno on advice from mandoric when I got an invite from a WHM for a Battalia Downs party. Well, we were three, then the BLM backed out, then we waited for twenty minutes, then the RDM left for Kazham. Being the nice guy I am, I waited with the WHM for half an hour longer. Now, I've partied with this WHM before in Qufim, and I don't know if she just doesn't have an airpass or is just smart and stays away from Kazham, but she absolutely refuses to go there. If it's the latter, I wish her the best of luck. I've never died as much as I have in the jungle.

Me? Well, unless I can pull together some people I know personally to level in Altepa or the Downs, I guess I have to stay in 'nam.
Saturday, July 31st, 2004
12:45 pm
Goldfish scooping
Well, they finally introduced goldfish scooping for Matsuri! There should be an NPC near each major body of water outside of Sandy, Windy, Bastok and Rabao. (Well, actually, maybe -in- Rabao, heh)

At any rate, you can trade the goldfish you catch to the NPCs for more fireworks, or ultimately: the -mystery box-. Ooooooh!
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
12:39 am
Cooking Levelling Guide
I stumbled upon this today: http://www.koolaid-ffxi.org/linkshell/space/Cooking+101

Good solid, cheap recipe guide for levelling cooking all the way to 60 if you're so inclined. I've gained nearly 7 levels in a few hours following it, highly recommended!

Boy, crafting sure is expensive. @_@
Friday, July 23rd, 2004
12:19 pm
Matsuri Yukata Quest
It's Matsuri (Summerfest) time in Vana'diel. If you haven't logged in yet, you should, it's absolute madness as everyone tries to figure out the yukata quest.

The skinny is this: team up with a partner of a different race/sex, talk to a moogle and you'll be warped to a pretty advanced dungeon. Don't worry, they cast sneak and invisible on you that doesn't wear off. Wander around until you find a "goal point". Uninvisible, check it, then use the glyph the first moogle gave you to warp back!

Don't forget to trade your item your received in the dungeon to the original moogle to receive your yukata!

It's speculated that the Lord and Lady's yukata are received as rewards for teaming up and doing this quest with all other races/sexes. This item gives you an advantage in "goldfish scooping", a traditional Japanese matsuri game, however the event has not been seen in San d'Oria yet.


The first item you receive is a yukata. However, after that it seems that you have to go on the quest with one character of each race/sex, collect all the items, then you get the next prize.
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
10:10 pm
Wheee, the official LJ Community
Just in time for Matsuri, it's the official KOTHC community. Whoo, or something...
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